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Default Re: Netflix Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
With no competing format in HD DVD - expect Blu-ray to do whatever they want.

The truth is - they have to beat DVD and downloads next which is likely a bigger foe
Hold on Jerry, while Sony will obviously reap the benefits of Blu-ray licensing (as Toshiba did with the development and introduction of DVD), let's not forget that Sony is not the only movie distributor out there. With respect to Blu-ray movie sales, Sony Pictures will have to compete with the likes of Warner, Disney, Lions Gate, Universal & Paramount (once they wake up and smell the coffee) to name a few. So they'll have to keep their BD prices competitive since most consumers have a limited disposable income.

Likewise, Sony is not the only manufacturer of Blu-ray players. There will be the Pioneers, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung, Denon, LG, Toshiba (when they realize that they've lost this battle and have no more choice) and eventually a plethora of other brands we've never even heard of.

Just my 2 Canadian cents. ;-)
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