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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I know what you mean!

I ran mid range cables for a long time, and they did improve the sound of my system (especially digital cables) but a year or so back I got a chance to try out Transparent Reference cables in my main rig, and I must say I wasn't really ready for what I heard!

I was warned by some fellow audio freaks it would be a huge leap in sonics, and being skeptical I refused to believe it. Well, when I rewired the rig with these cables I was floored. I agree it was as good as a component upgrade, and this is why I refer to cables as components. Good cables make a huge difference in a good system, and even lessor systems, though depending on the system, you might be better off buying better gear than maxing out cables......
I'll stand by what I've said before, try before you buy...

Cables can be system dependant and there is definitely some synergies between cables and equipment.

Having said Kenny T is right in not buying cables that are too expensive for your system.

And, there is definitely a point of deminishing returns on cables. They can also hurt your sound if you haven't auditioned.

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