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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
You know, I one that loves the Blu - Ray/HD - DVD picture, but, am waiting to see what is going to happen. A universal player plays everything, except high definition discs. That is where I am staying for now. Now, as far as universal HD players, I don`t know about that. I believe this format war is tricky, and most manufacturers have chosen their allegiance as to which side they are on.

I have not heard of anyone joining LG in marketing a universal Blu - Ray/HD player. Now, a full blown universal, that does ALL formats, including HD, that would be something. But, do not hold your breath.....................
Your comments are interesting and to some extent strengthened by me on a different front the other day (after I posted my original interest below). I went into a major A/V chain in San Jose and they had players for each Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, AND the LG Universal HD player to look at. An obvious point I did not pick up on earlier was the price point for the LG Universal HD player.... $1199. Not exactly a compelling reason to go that route considering what you can buy the individual Blu-Ray and HD-DVD format players for today. However, that is a lot of hardware to keep adding to the shelves too.... and a competitively priced universal option that can someday also bridge those two HD formats (along with all other formats as you mentioned) for the consumer (ala Oppo style) would be compelling I think. I guess this technology is all too new to the marketplace for nice to haves at this point however...?? Thanks for your reply, and I too will keep watching how these competing HD formats continue to push marketing strategies in effort to reach consumer critical mass over the other.
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