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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...


1. I paid $200 for my HD A2 1 year ago. Hardly a firesale price, and I refuse to pay more for less technology from Blu-ray.
2. Toshiba is guilty of some things, but no where NEAR the extent of the BDA... Both fought* dirty, but the BDA DEFINES fighting dirty.
3. You're right about 1 thing there. It's over.

I have accepted that now. There is nothing coming from HD DVD and there never was. For whatever reasons they decided to sit on their bums with their thumbs up their asses and did nothing. Doing nothing, will be the same theme carried forward.

*Note: I use the term "fought" lightly with regards to HD DVD. The Paramount move IMO was the only sign of fight from them in the whole war.
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