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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

I think they knew they were done after the WB announcement but have been trying to dump players and "save face" since. Penton-Man, about the best and most accurate insider, says there is more BD news to come as well. Someone, not an insider, mentioned Amazon going BD exclusive and I can't image that is true but they did have numerous HD DVD player returns and have been doing this 50% off HD DVD movies for an awfully long time and IF drops HD DVD it is totally over. I mean the news of Best Buy itself is enough for me to say done. These comments of Toshiba better do something soon are turning into fanatical desperation, they have abandoned you and back handedly been dumping there obsolete players as value when they knew they were dead in the water. You could even see it in the their promotional press release weeks ago giving big emphasis on the up converting function of the player. Can anyone point to one piece of good news from the HD DVD group since the day WB announced?(except of course a fire sale on their players)
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