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Question Issues With an ELAN System

I am installing a ELAN system with:
6 - 6.5" touchpad Via's
2 - 10" touchpad Via's
2 - OleXL's
3 - Wireless Elan Nokia 800 Controllers
3 - Wireless SS1's
1 - Main SS1

There are 16 Zones being controlled by 2 S12's.

I get ViaNet errors when just the touchpads are being used, however i have 100% communication through the ViaNet when mapping the network.

When I plug in the OleXL's it brings it down to 0%.

Today I will be double checking my wiring to the Ole's and making sure it is all to the ELAN spec.

The ELAN programmer is working with me to try and figure this out, however I am not sure where else to look.

All but one of the zones are being powered by the local power source. and the cat5 is used for communication only and no power.

the wiring to those is"
1-blue 2-white/Blue 3-Orange 4 White/Orange 5-- 6-- 7-Brown 8--
using the pin 7 as a ground

and since I can't run coax to each location we are using UTP Video Baluns with the existing Cat5e that is in place.

my main question is, Is My Wiring Correct?
I dont see why we would need two grounds.

Hopefully someone can assist me in this issue as i am pulling my hair out between my boss on my butt, and the programmer trying to figure it all out.

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