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Originally Posted by HT Junky View Post
I have used it as a standalone DAC and a DAC/preamp. For the money, it is excellent in that regard. I have tried headphones, but I don't have good enough ones to judge.

Your timing is perfect. I'm in the process of researching headphones. I have been checking out the ones on Acoustics Sounds. There are virtually no retailers in my area that carry high end headphones. They can order them, but there are none to listen to and compare. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on which headphones to focus on. I'm not concerned about price.
Okay. First go to These are (as they call themselves) headphone geeks. People who love and have a passion for headphones. Recommendations would be the Sennheiser HD 600 (especially now with the price reduction), Sennheiser 580, Grado RS1, and the sleeper -- The Beyer Dynamics DT880`s. A great pair of headphones.
Now, afer a long dominance by the Sennhesier HD 600`s, everyone has said these new AKG 701`s that kennyt is talking about, are supposed to be the top model now, even above the Sennheisers. I have not heard them as of yet. But, that would be my grouping.

Jerry Del will second this, the people at Headroom are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would read their descriptions on each headphone, to help you out, and go from there.

Have fun.
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