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Default Re: Slim Devices Squeeze Box & Slimp3

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
What NAS are you using?
I am using the Thecus N5200.
I picked this unit for several reasons.

Thecus uses a low powered Pentium M. Other consumer level NAS boxes typically use a ARM processor or some other processor meant for embedded
applications. The Pentium M is significantly more powerful and can handle such additional applications as decoding compressed music, streaming and web serving. Mine is a 800mhz unit and I find it very responsive with the SS software.

Because of the more powerful processor the Thecus is faster at file serving than other consumer NAS boxes. I also use large data ( multi-Gig) files for my work. The faster file serving is important to me. It also has Gigabyte LAN and actually exceeds what 100 MHz Ethernet can handle.

It has Raid capability including Raid 0,1,2,5,6,10,and JBOD. Iuse Raid 5 and currently have 3 500Gig drives giving me 1Tb and room for two more drives which would bring me to 2Tb with the ability to 4tb with the latest drives. I use this for backup of other computers I have.
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