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Default Re: Why do people dislike Firmware updates??

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
And just how would you suggest Apple keep a consistent control interface when going from a click wheel to a touch screen?
The touch screen GUI interface you use to interact with the touch is one thing, the digital interface used to remotely control it is another. The electrical interface you use in the car is the same, and the ipod's logical digital interface SHOULD have been the same as its predecessors.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I don't know when I Look through all these update notes I'm seeing a lot of added functionality also.
The PS3 is an immature game console, albeit a very powerful and flexible one, because of the computing and I/O it contains. The sheer number of updates are evidence of its immaturity.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
What is a company to do?
Tech is advancing so fast they have to release some products before they are ready, it can cause problems but it it can be patched.
What would you rather do wait an extra 6 months for all of last years tech to be applied to a product or get it now & have next years tech when it's updated?
For A/V equipment, for Automotive equipment, I want it to function immediately upon installation, and require no further maintenance actions. Release the products when they are ready - not before. The amount of "next year's tech in last year's product" is usually limited by the hardware in place. Usually, real "new functionality" requires more/faster hardware. How much of "new functionality" was really immature technology in the first place?? The ability to play file formats that were already in existence at the time the device was created sounds like an example of this.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
No doubt about that but that doesn't apply to just firmware updates but anything with an ethernet connector hooked to a computer.
And the PS3 updates come straight from Sony, a company by the way with the most out of control haters, believe me if some xbox fanboy could have figured out how to infect the PS3 they would have done it by now!
A "man in the middle attack" between your equipment and Sony can upset the assumed pristine distribution channel, as can infected media, since anyone can create it with the right hardware.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I don't get what your talking about here, were talking about RAM, Flash & Hard drives being re written, that's what they were designed to be able to do isn't it?
Flash memory cells do not have an infinite number of read/erase/write cycles, nor do the other forms of solid state non-volatile storage. These were originally designed for the read/rewrite cycles needed during design prototyping. Recently, they have replaced even more fragile media - the magnetic floppy, in the "transient storage" function.

Hard disks are a different animal that is eventually going to succumb to mechanical failure, or through component failure of the drive electronics.

The other function that Flash devices are being used in, holding low level machine programming and system configuration information was formerly accomplished using semiconductor programmable read-only memory (PROMs), that had to be replaced to change the programming. Some of the configuration stuff eventually moved to reprogrammable storage technologies.

Some of the reprogrammable technologies actually change the hardware logic through altering the circuit connections (Field Programmable Gate Arrays and devices like them).
These also have a limited number of cycles, because parts of the device are permanently altered by the programming, and those areas must then blocked off electrically during subsequent reprogramming cycles. These devices are designed for modification associated with the design prototyping process, rather than for changing those devices in the field.
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