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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
You might not be but currently the best way to run a HTPC is with a PC vs an Apple.
Your assertion remains to be verified, and I assert that it is fallacy.

The facts are that Windows based PCs are plagued with too many problems, and the current version of the OS itself is so poor that people are actually are downgrading. Some shops are doing a brisk business by supporting this downgrading effort. A substantional fraction of the MILLIONS of those dissatified with windows baced PCs leave either it entirely for Macintosh, or they compromise and dump the OS and replace it with Linux.

There is essentially NOTHING differentiating your Windows PC hardware from Macintosh hardware, sans possible build quality (and historically Apple products have been HIGHER), now, so that argument is invalid as well.

The most common way, is like most other things is NOT necessarily the best. That is the foundation of "High End"...
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