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Default Re: Netflix to Stop Renting Movies on HD DVD Format

Netflix is not stopping delivery of HD-DVDs tomorrow. They are stopping the purchase of new HD-DVD titles. They said they would continue to deliver HD-DVDs through the end of the year, when presumably the studios will have begun reissuing their HD-DVD titles on Bluray. It makes sense for Netflix not to buy new titles on a dead format knowing that they will just have to replace them with Bluray discs. One year seems a reasonable transition time for their customers. I'm looking forward to enjoying eleven more months of HD-DVDs. Hopefully by that time several Bluray 2.0 players will be available to chose from.

I am not a Sony fan. I was hoping that HD-DVD would prevail. I bet my money on it. But if Bluray is the winner by whatever means, so be it. The faster the transition the better.
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