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Default How long until a CA brown out?

It wont be long with this heat in early July that the power grid will see brown outs.

While the likes of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling might be dead or in jail (not sure which one is better) the days of California needing more power are here yet the resources are likely not. News reports say that "rolling brown outs" are headed to CA. I wouldn't be surprized at all.

I use battery backup and power regeneration in my rack with Pure Power. I also use a Richard Gray's 1200s mainly for surge protection. I think the two together are a nice solution considering how poor the power is here. Spikes, sags, lower voltages and brown outs only start to describe the problem.

Our fearless (or brainless) president is spending 1.4 trillion dollars taking over Iraq resulting in $3.50 per gallon gas in Los Angeles yet we don't invest in upgrading our power grid. If Google can buy more companies to grow and deversify its business - why can't our government do the same with our tax dollars? I mean Jeez, California is only the 5th largest economy in the world. Where do the people in the "red states" think the money is coming from to pay for thier pet projects and pork. Hollywood, San Fran and New York - mainly.
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