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Default Re: Netflix to Stop Renting Movies on HD DVD Format

Originally Posted by nsrii View Post
Like I said it's speculative and it's not about single specific titles or individual customer preferences. It would be about percentages and cost per unit. Netflix needs to make money, like any other business, so if their metrics are saying Format X's discs aren't renting, are taking up shelf space, and/or costing too much per unit based on lack of rentals, then they're going to drop Format X. It's simple supply and demand.
I understand it's speculative, and if they wouldn't have made their statement about raising HD prices last week, I'd trust them a bit more.

As I see it, there is really no reason to drop HD releases from 2 major studios. The discs fit in the same envelopes, and judging by waiting times, have been in demand.

As it stands, the game is just about over. I just don't think Blu-ray is as ready as HD DVD right now, and to me, it's a shame that the competition likely won't be around to keep them on their toes (fewer sales on software, slower price drops on hardware, more need to move toward finalized profiles).

I hope I'm wrong about progress on these fronts, but for this consumer, Blu-ray does not offer a player that appeals to me at all right now...but they won, so they must be what's best for consumers, right?
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