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Default Re: Netflix to Stop Renting Movies on HD DVD Format

All conspiracy aside, isn't it possible that Netflix made a business decision based on their metrics (i.e. the demand of a particular format over another)? There is the possibility that the demand for Blu-ray surpassed the demand for HD-DVD rentals.

Also, as someone else already pointed out, Netflix offered both HD formats to their subscribers for no additional cost; they probably lost money in doing so. Instead of spreading money out for 2 HD formats, they can pool that money into one HD format and purchase larger quantities of titles for their subscribers. Supply and demand.

If the move wasn't based on demand, choosing a side still seems a logical conclusion especially when the majority of content providers are currently supporting Blu-ray, regardless of how much of an inconvenience it creates for HD-DVD supporters/owners.

Of course this is all speculative, like every other post in this thread, so take it for what it's worth.
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