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Default Re: Netflix to Stop Renting Movies on HD DVD Format

I would like to respond to the claim made earlier about Jerry and I being HD DVD supporters over Blu-ray in our joint frustration over Netflix dropping HD DVD. Netflix, like other rental services, are in the content delivery business and as such it serves them well to deliver all the content they can to their users regardless of format. Blockbuster sided with Blu-ray after entering into an agreement with them early on when both formats were flourishing. While cost is sure to be a factor, I assure you its not the decider for if we were to have two formats they would find ways of having both. As a deliverer of content it's my opinion that Netflix should not get involved in the war and with so many people owning HD DVD players it makes better business sense to provide for their customers and let the natural progression of things phase a format out instead of outright denying loyal customers the content they so crave. I'm not going to get into the argument over who was paid what because I don't know. I just think it was a crap move on their part and one that somewhat dumps on the heads of customers that are simply trying to get the most out of their HD systems and who honestly can care less about the war. They just want content and Netflix was committed to providing that up until today. Truthfully, I could care less who wins for none of this is going to matter in the near future. We're simply rearranging the chairs on the Titanic at this point for once HD downloads and up to date HD on demand truly takes off the argument will become moot.
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