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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by akbungle View Post
Please now lets get behind Blu-Ray and stop beating this dead horse
That will NEVER happen with me, my new found friend of differing opinion. I will eventually succumb to buying a blu-ray SAL but not until there are sub $150 profile 2.0 units. Considering that you can't even buy one of those nice obsolete profile 1.0 players for that little, I have a sinking feeling I'll be waiting a LONG time for a SAL that fits my needs. Even then I will more than likely just end up renting the movies I want rather than buy. I cannot bring myself to knowingly support something that was forced upon me by the anti-consumer tactics of the BDA. It just REALLY sucks for me at this point because I have grown quite fond of HDM.

If there are HD DVD insiders here that know something, I implore you to speak up because right now, HD DVD needs SOMETHING/ANYTHING to throw in front of the BD freight train.
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