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Default Re: Netflix to Stop Renting Movies on HD DVD Format

How is that a bad marketing move? The "saved" movies on the queue will never be ordered on HD DVD so they're changing it to the DVD version. That's logical.

It doesn't hurt them, they don't make any extra money from HD DVD, it costs them money to support either format. It's a perk they offer to high-def adopters. If they actually charged more for high-def discs, maybe you might have a point. Otherwise this just sounds like a partisan blog by an HD DVD owner who is bummed their format lost.

Whatever happened to objective journalism?

It seems like the HD DVD guys who refuse to at least go neutral are sticking themselves in an awkward position. They won't be able to rent HD DVD from Netflix, but a lot of them also left Blockbuster last year because they too supported Blu-ray in stores. So do they return to Blockbuster Online, the last hold-out of HD DVD rentals? Even my local indie rental chain dropped HD DVD.

And now you have Best Buy encouraging customers to chose Blu-ray.

What's the motivation behind sticking with HD DVD when the obvious signs are clearly saying HD DVD is on death's door?
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