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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post
What do we get?

1. An announcement from Tosh/Uni/Para that they were still supporting HD DVD
2. Cheap players
3. A craptastic superbowl ad that I along with MILLIONS of other viewers didn't see
4. Hmmm.. I got nothing else.


Toshiba has had MORE than enough time in these 5 weeks to come up with something. The REALLY sad thing here is now that Blu-ray has won (yes, you heard me say it here first) that all this has done is delay mass adoption of HDM for at LEAST a solid 1 to 2 years... Probably even longer for me as I will not buy anything less than what my HD A2 can do right now for any more than I paid for my HD A2 ($200).
Many insiders have hinted at some major things Toshiba has been working on behind the scenes. Heck, the very topic of this thread is “HD DVD about to fight back...” were Jerry eludes to some big things he’s seen from the HD DVD side. I have no idea why these things have not come to light yet, but obviously there are reasons why they haven’t been made public yet.

IMO, there is nothing wrong or delusional about waiting a few weeks to see what happens. If Universal or Paramount go, it’s over.. If these big things are announce by the HD DVD side, then we’ll see…
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