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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by 1more4HDDVD View Post
5 weeks after Warner’s announcement, they’ve had massive hardware price cuts, a bunch of software sales, a Super Bowl ad and they’ve gained a bit of market share back every week. That’s doing nothing?

Don't get me wrong I wanted HD DVD to win, I own two players.


The super bowl commercial which wasn't even shown in my area was the same one that's been on for months. It was lackluster at best. I even told my friend who supports HD DVD if they show the same ad they have been showing I'm going to stop supporting the format. Guess what they did and here I'am the skeptic.

As far as the price cuts go and BOGO's HD DVD didn't have anywhere to go but up. Let's see where things are when they are over with.

Trust me I strongly supported the HD DVD format because I liked the price point and the features. However, to me Toshiba dropped the ball on this one.

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