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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Right where as my Falcon NW PC HTPCs have HDMI 1.3 outputs.
I'm not interested in a Windows based PC.

If your PC has HDMI 1.3, then it is most likely implemented on a PCIe-based card. The card can be made to work in current model Macintoshes, since they use the same electrical interface for cards as PCs. There is a lot less to do to make it work for the currently shipping Intel processor Macintoshes because they use the same processors, so "byte swapping" is not required.

It may be possible to use the card with the last generation of Power PC based Macs, after examining the driver and performing the necessary code changes, but I suspect that the required data rates may be beyond that possible of many of the older ones, just as they would be for many older Windows based PCs.
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