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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
Video cd did not come out till 1993 and it was the MPEG-1 based format. The only thing out at that time was CD video which was analog based and could only hold 5 minutes of video and 20 minutes of audio. It was aimed at teens and had mtv music videos on them. Requiring a laserdisc player for playback on a teens budget neddless to say it bombed.
No Phillips had a CD based video R&D going back to the late 70s. The R&D done in 87 didn't become MMCD until I think 92 or 93. I'd have to go looking through documentation I have on the patents. I don't believe Phillips would have shown it at CES though. I mean why would they?

Phillips had been messing with "Video on optical discs," since the 60s. I know at one point in 1987 they had R&D done on a disc that would lead to MMCD.

Heck anyone remember MUSE LDs? I still have "Close Encounters," on MUSE...

I should compare it to the BD (since the MUSE LD was 1125 lines of resolution).

Many people forget that Laserdisc lead to CDs.
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