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Default Re: Not everyone wants to settle for less

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
Yeah I know all about the bundles, but they are for a limited time.
(he is locked in a two year contract right? will it still be 109 at year two?)
The cable companies also affer 99 bundles and fast modem service.

As for how fast my service is, I can't really say since I work for one of these "ISPs".

But I have screen shots of over 20 megs at test sites.
(At work I've broken 80.)

But that is not the point.
The point was that to really see HD downloads take off, 15meg speeds are not going to really cut it.
Speeds of 50-100 megs makes more sense.

These speeds are coming this year, but it surely won't be part of a $100 bundle.
Verizon offers a 30 meg service in some areas.
I they charge $160 a month just for it plus any other services you add.
If you work for an ISP then you know the early adapters ALWAYS will pay more for the high speeds.

When DSL was first introduced, it was not uncommon for many Telco's to charge Residential customers $50 to $80 a month for 1.5 Mb speeds and $30 to $40 a month for 256k to 384k speeds.

Now you can easily find 1.5 Mb for as low as $14.95 (Embarq, the former Sprint offers this, and Verizon is still offering this rate is some markets).

Same thing will happen with the 50 to 100 Mb speeds: They will be expensive for the early adapter, then the prices will drop and the higher speeds will be automatically added to your service as your service provider competes to keep you as a customer.

And you can always twist their arm and they will roll-over to keep you as a customer: I live in an Embarq area and pay $14.95/month for 1.5 DSL. When I called to cancel my service to switch to Charter's Broadband, I was offered a free upgrade to 5 Mb at no price increase and I didn't have to sign or agree to squat.

As for your comments about the price of bundles going up, it AIN'T GONNA' HAPPEN for SMART customers. My friend at Verizon tells me that yes, they plan to increase prices at the end of the two-year period, but they already have instructions to keep existing customers at their same rate if they ask for their service to be dropped. The regular service reps do not have access to the billing code that has to be inputted to do this, but the Customer Retention reps do.

That's why whenever you say, "Well, just cancel my service," you get switched to another customer service rep - You actually get switched to a customer service rep who can do a lot more for you than a regular service rep because they are a CUSTOMER RETENTION service rep and they get extra money for each customer they "SAVE," so they will be a lot more accomodating when you start telling them what they need to offer you to keep you. They have a LOT of leeway in what they can do for you and they don't have to get approval from no stinkin' supervisor: They are evaluated on their "SAVES" and dinged on their "LOSSES:" they are not dinged on what they had to give away to keep a customer. And I know what I'm talking about because I helped design some of these customer retention guidelines for Sprint/Embarq before I left them.

And if you're wondering why we or any Telco or good ISP does this, it is because we have numerous documented studies that prove it is significantly more profitable to retain an existing customer and NOT lose them than it is to hunt and gain a NEW customer. The last study I saw at Embarq showed it cost them about $400 to gain a new customer whilst there was no cost and a continuing revenue flow from keeping an existing customer. So ask yourself, what would you do to keep an existing customer? Yes, I thought so : )

So those who are sheep will pay the higher prices. Those who threaten to leave will be allowed to keep their bundle at their current price.

And you can believe I'll be on the phone again to Embarq tell them to "cancel" my service as soon as Charter has a significantly higher speed. And I know Embarq will roll-over again - They do NOT want to lose customers. And I am certain your ISP, if they are any good, does the same thing in their customer retention group. I'm only a "double-play" customer as Embarq only offers video via The Dish Network and I already had service with DISH and there was no financial incentive or advantage for me to roll my DISH service over to Embarq.

ISP's hate customers who do what I do, but they always cave and give us the higher speed with no cost increase or addition to our contract, if we even have one. It's called "Customer Retention."
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