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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
Wow a triple post!

Yes, I know all about retention.
But lost in the conversation was the speeds needed to enjoy HD downloads.
These will be premium tier speeds no matter what and not part of any economy bundle.
"bootman," I cannot explain why this server keeps re-posting what I wrote - I only posted once. But wait, maybe this server is populated with AI electrons (Artificial Intelligence) and the electrons agree with me )

[Note to MODERATORS: You might want to have your webmaster figure out what has happened here - I deleted FOUR (4) posts that were identical to the one "bootman" is referring to and I sure as heck did not repost them.]

Now a question, "bootman:" Which alternative universe do you reside in where broadband speeds increase and prices DO NOT DROP?

Since day one of Broadband introduction here in the US, over time, speeds have significantly increased and prices have significantly dropped.

You need to re-read my post.

And please also re-read the comment from "deacongreg'" as well. He, like me, knows what he is talking about.

You will see 50 Mb downloads as part of a $100/month package in less than two years: I know for a fact Verizon will have this ready - They are now the largest Telco in the US with the most subscribers, so they will force other bundler's of Broadband and Video and Phone Service to follow them into the universe of higher speeds and lower prices.

Why? Because (1) They can do it; and (2) They have invested more in their Internet backbone and Internet infrastructure than anyone else. How many other comanies are running fibre to the home? You can count them on on just one hand and not use all your fingers.

I take it from your gloomy outlook the ISP you work for is not in a financial position to invest in their infrastructure and run fibre to your customer's homes.

So this means your company (1) Will have to borrow the money to do so itself (not likely in today's economy); or (2) You will have to ride someone else's network and accept a lower rate-of-return; or (3) Your company will become road-kill on the Information Superhighway and be acquired by someone with deeper pockets (The most likely scenario). Tell me, are you high enough up in the organization to have one of those "golden parachutes," or are you going to have to use the word "fries" in your next job?
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