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Default Re: Why do people dislike Firmware updates??

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
The gear should work right out of the box.

HDMI is a cluster****. The players for both formats can't keep up with the specs of the formats. The specs of the formats are unclear. The players freeze ALL THE TIME and often DIE on a firmware update.

The idea that consumers will update firmware 2x per month is absurd on the part of the electronics companies. Just absurd.
Exactly. Here we are years into this whole HDMI thing and we still have hand shake issues?

Who the **** is behind this? It's such poor design work it's disgraceful. HDMI 1.3 units using HDMI 1.3 cable and still hand shake issues. This is just not acceptable.

FIRMWARE UPDATES are more often than not to fix bugs. The proper use of a firmware update is like Moose aluded to:

Allowing a product to correctly intigrate with another "newer," product.

However PS3 updates and their ilk that are just to fix major bugs (although Sony has been real good at adding new functions to go along with the major bug fixes) is the pure sign of products released before they were ready.

The PS3 is a prime example of a product that was released way before it was ready (the 360 as well). BD is also another prime example. HD DVD on the other hand for the most part has been good besides the horrible HDMI issues.
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