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Default Re: KRELL at Sound by Singer

Originally Posted by Asahikasei View Post
Will you open it up and take some pictures for us?

Most if not all of the high end users on AVS went with something other then krell, the only thing decent that krell ever made was some of their amps, even their $20,000 sub woofer was poor.

Unlike most of the people on the AVS Forum - I have owned the Krell Evolution system and while at dinner last night with the VP from Mark Levinson (their most heated competitor) I told them JUST how good the Krells were. I defy you to find a better amp at any price. The best bass. Clear and open highs. Stunning dynamics. 3d imaging. YES its expensive but its worth it.

And if you want to crack open the box on the preamp - you wont see some jackass AV preamp/receiver parts. This is REAL high end audio with real engineering the way Dan D'agostino does it best.
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