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Smile Re: KRELL at Sound by Singer

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Not only do people (me inclusive) take Krell seriously, I highly regard them and their gear! I have been waiting for the new pre/pro ad am glad it is announced.

Yes, $40K is extreme, but that is the market I like and want to live in!

If all goes well, I might own one soon......
That is my man kenny, always looking at the bright side of things!! Now, what will happen to the Mark Levinsons when you get the Krells??!!

As far as pictures for the 707, Dan and his staff only had brouchures on the Evolution amps, preamps, and the KID. No literature was available for the Modulaire Two`s or the 707. Dan mentioned maybe by the spring, April, don`t quote me on that, would we see the 707, if memory serves.
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