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Default Re: Which A/V Receiver??

Originally Posted by notbigd View Post
Setups can be messy... true... but for pure sound quality, I must give the nod to Marantz. I have setup a few Marantz and Sherwood Newcastle units, and whereas I like both, strictly musically speaking the Marantz units are very hard to beat. Even two channel sounds great.

My .02
I suppose it depends on the units. The high end Newcastle units should sound noticably better than similarly priced Marantz units. That is of course in the right environment. I was at a friend's house when one of the companies i'm tied to was installing a system in his HT. I was there for the "demo," and learning process for my friend (who requested I be there). The Lead Installer had reservations about the Sherwood Newcastle seperates the client had chosen because he thought they sounded "ok," in the other applications where he'd had them used.

When the "Demo," was done the installer was stunned. He became a firm believer in properly designed HT rooms after that. This theater was designed from the ground up and followed the Golden Measurement rule for the theater's dimensions. It was acoustically treated as well.

The same company makes Marantz and Newcastle Receivers. The better parts go into the Newcastle (and higher costing Marantz). So I'd always suggest Newcastle over the similarly priced competition.

Unless an Outlaw Audio model was available and up to date.
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