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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by jpcos View Post
Comcast On Demand PPV has a lot of day and date releases right now, and the HD is quite good. However, I do not see this as competition to HD media, which is primarily about sales of discs. Even as competition to rentals, it falls short by giving you nothing but the movie, but is it a nice option to have when you want to watch a movie without planning or without any effort other than pushing a button in your home.
Right and Comcast sends out a DVD to the people who pay for it that early. At least I seem to have remembered reading an article about how cable companies would now be offering more day and date VOD but had to "send hard copies," to the customers.

So I take it the cost of these rentals is more than $5.

VOD has existed for YEARS and has done some damage to the Block Busters of the world out there, but the biggest hold back has always been the wait. Titles come out for rental far before they come out for VOD. Selling a copy with early VOD isn't an answer to the "Rental," Battle.

At some point the Studios need to tell the Video Chains "tough luck." and just release day and date VOD. Test it out in some markets and see if "income," is lowered or gained overall. The big worry is obviously piracy (it's easier to record a channel).
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