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Default Everybody take it easy - PLEASE

Originally Posted by luisranger2bn View Post
mr. delcolliano, i apologyse for my last post but the some members on this panel attemp my comments and i alway's respect the where think or send the comments in this issue of hd dvd and blu ray format war, but the reality some members is need to read more for both format i have a 17 years in this industry and always have a new equipment in my hands with a new technology for experimenting and playing this is serious for me but i don't tolerated some people to talk crap,i always read everyday for this format or whatever format in this bisness so i apologyse for the last comment i post and i will continue to participating in this forum and read all the review you post thank you and always has disponibility for you or for everyone.


We are glad you are on the forum. I think the language barrier is causing some people who are somewhat on edge to take you to task.

Let's all take it easy and leave room for people to have their own opinions.

I will say this - I have NO IDEA how you saw DVD in 1988 because I have some pretty inside contacts and I didn't see it until around 1996. HDTV I saw for the first time at the Annerberg School at USC in 1993. It BLEW MY FRAGILE LITTLE MIND at the time.
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