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Default Re: Number Don't Lie, but Liars Can Manipulate Numbers :(

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
That may be but in this case the questionaire went out with HDTVs that were sold by Best Buy, Sam's Club, and if I read the report right.

That means the target should have been right on.
Yes, the target audience was excellent, but mail-survey research suffers the most from what is coined "non-respondent" bias: You don't know what responses you would have gotten from those who chose not to respond.There have been countless studies documenting that if you follow up with the non-respondents and get them to participate, their participation can sometimes have a HUGE effect on the final report to the client.

Good research companies overcome the non-respondent bias effect in phone survey research and in face-to-face mall-intercept research by offering a higher incentive to the people who initially say "no" once they reach a certain threshold of people declining to participate.

NPD does not do this nor can they overcome non-respondent bias when they are dependent upon the purchaser of the HDTV to answer a few questions on the warranty card (this is how they generally collect the information): They have no way to track and follow-up with those who did not return the warranty card, and they do not follow-up with those who do return the cards but did not answer the research questions on the card.

And none of the retailers make their customer data base available to NPD so NPD can "mine" it and cross-reference the ones who made an HDTV purchase against the returned warranty cards.

I do not foresee this happening because (1) The retailers consider this data proprietary and will never turn it over to NPD; and (2) Even if they did turn it over to NPD, the database mining would add too much to the cost and NPD would price themselves out of the market.

There are no shortcuts in conducting good marketing research: Too many companies who are in the research business only give lip-service to providing good research to CE companies.

Why? Because they know they are dealing with CE marketing professionals who don't have the superb skill sets of their peers at the top-shelf CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies like Proctor & Gamble and Pepsico. And the CE companies are not willing to pay for good research like the CPG companies because the CE companies do not understand just how valuable really good research can be.
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