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Default Re: Sony KDS-R70XBR2 70-inch SXRD HDTV

Originally Posted by BMW View Post
Lotus, I have had my KDSR70XBR2 worked on and they replaced the Optical block. The picture is dramatically better. The one thing that still seem to not be quite right is motion. I was reading the A3000 thread. Do you think this is a firmware update?
Thanks BMW
Possibly a setting on the TV? I'd try messing with all the DRC settings, etc.

The R70 has known issues:

480i/480p material will not look good on this set with the HDMI input used. Component will look much better. The Video Processing of Sony TVs is in one word: aweful. The A3000 series actually has better PQ than these XBR units and significantly in the "motion," category.

1080p/24 is converted to 1080p/60 and 3/2 pulldown comes into effect (which again isn't a good thing especially considering the set's video processing).

These sets benefit greatly from outside video processing. "DVDO," products help significantly and the end result is stunning in most cases. I'm a big fan of combining these XBR units to DVDO processors.

Without really knowing what you're seeing that is bothering you it's hard to diagnose. It could just be normal SXRD motion issues (that the A3000 series bypasses with the 120HZ).
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