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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
And if you took 20 seconds and explained to them the differences in sound quality between the two and what to look for, they'd hear the differences 100% of the time in double blind A/B listening.
This is most certainly true. Scientific studies have been done that show that the human ear can VERY easily tell the difference between the quality of MP3s and CDs. The difference between 448k and 1.5MB codecs is less so but still noticable. It's when you start looking at 1.5MB codecs to lossless that the human ear can't tell the difference on the majority of playback.

However Vinyl's arguement is that the "uneducated masses," who were tested did in fact show that around 90% can't NOTICE the difference. Hearing the difference and noticing the difference are two entirely different things.

As for his assumption that RENTED movies on VOD will do better than purchased films... they are two entirely different markets.

Right now about 1 in 10 people who buy a HDTV are buying a HDM player to go with it. The problem is the number is significantly less than 10% of the current HDTV owners are buying them. So while nearly 10% of new HDTV buyers are buying HDM the majority of HDTV owners aren't.

Still imho a planned base of 25% of the HDTV market for sales is a good PROFITABLE market if treated right.

I personally believe that will be MUCH bigger than Downloaded Content in the next 5 years. Why?

Because you have to get the internet connection to the TV. People aren't going to switch from watching movies on TVs to computers. So TVs will need that capability as well as the capability to store them.

Samsung has "XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE," set top boxes coming out at the end of the summer. These will allow for the 720p downloads and bring downloadable content to the TV. I don't know how quickly they will catch on.

Then you still have the problem of getting the internet connection to the set top box/TV. 99% of houses aren't wired for it. So you're going to rely on wireless networks.

I just don't think the common consumer is that tech savy. So there are just a lot of hurdles for downloadable content to become a reality. VOD is entirely a different market since it's rentals.
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