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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Oh yea it was the re-release!
I was amazed at how bad the original Blu-Ray release sucked!!
I'd go into a B&M & they would have The 5th Element playing on the biggest HDTV in a prime spot & it looked like crap!
The 5th Element might not be an academy award type movie But it is a lot of fun & it has Milla Jovovich!
That was a reference DVD in Superbit & there was a big stink raised about getting it done right!
Whoever mastered that one screwed the pooch!!
One thing I will say going back 11 years is Sony had the best looking dvd titles out the gate in 97 and they were all anamorphic transfers. I was shocked at how bad there QC was early on with bluray as really they had a great track record with dvd. They have turned it around 180 degrees though and of the bluray titles I have seen lately, their's are the best looking. Granted they have the most at stake. I really haven't seen a bad looking title since Vertical Limit and that was from last Feb. Ever since Casino Royale and AVC their stuff has been solid. I saw Resident Evil 3 about a week ago and thought it looked pretty good. Perfect drive in movie material.
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