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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
Luis, ranger buddy dvd didn't come out till 1997. It wasn't even on the drawing boards till 1995. A number of hddvd players do 1080p/24fps like the XA2, A20, A30. Enough electronics. Luis when did you go through Ranger School? When were you in BN? Did you see any combat in Panama or Grenada? Give me the 4th stance of the Ranger Creed. What airfeild did 2nd BN secure in Panama? What color was your beret? Could you wear it before you were tabbed? Where is 2nd BN stationed? How many Ranger Bn's were there in 1979?
hey buddy,i know is 1997 is arrive in this mass marketing and let me tell you for a last time when it comes for a first time before is you and you daddy has watch dvd format i see this tech in 1988 in a experimental machine in las vegas ces show, i insist you need read an play the hd dvd machine whatever you have [i don't care ] but if you insist these has whatever you say ok,but you need to go to get class for this format and studiyng very carefully asshole, for you increment you brain [ i think you don't have ] and last thing is the last time i accept your comments on my email i will block and,remember i say you not demonstrated you see like a MORON PERSON tell hd dvd has 45gb capacity.and you win jackass you're MORON, i think you you're un professional person and i see you have a mosquito for a brain,this is my last comment's for you and you're dead crazy,you're believed only your imagination say's.
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