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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

hey buddy,i know is 1997 is arrive in this mass marketing and let me tell you for a last time when it comes for a first time before is you and you daddy has watch dvd format i see this tech in 1988 in a experimental machine in las vegas ces show, i insist you need rad an play the hd dvd machine whatever you have [i don't care ] but if you insist these has whatever you say ok,but you need to go to get class for this format and studiyng very carefully asshole, for you increment you brain [ i think you don't have ] and last thing is the last time i accept your comments on my email i will block and,remember i say you not demonstrated you see like a MORON PERSON tell hd dvd has 45gb capacity.and you win jackass you're MORON, i think you you're un professional person and i see you have a mosquito for a brain,this is my last comment's for you and you're dead crazy,you're believed only your imagination say's.
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