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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

hey buddy, i have in this bisness 17 years and i am a pioneer the first person in this world to watch dvd format in 1988 and let me tell you is right hd dvd has capable to 1080p right but is not capable to reproduce 1080/24p and some person [ MORON] say's the format in hd dvd is capable to reproduce in 1080/60p,first they no have movies in this market available,and hd dvd doesn't have movies 1080/24p or 30p,and the reality is the format is dead believed or not accept the reality or you demostrated me like a moron person says this crap,the only chance the hd dvd has is 2 options 1. make more titles and 2.the next gen of hd dvd machines is capable to use both format or universal format and then toshiba or whatever co. beneficiately economic and help the situation for a save this format, and let me send you an advice check your comments first and look at you yourself and scan your personality is you and SHUT YOUR MOUTH,AND READ FIRST,i always press atention for your comments i never fault the respect for another person but it's a exeption,MY APPOLOGYSE FOR YOU AND THE MEMBERS OF THIS HONORABLE FORUMS I ALWAYS READ THIS FORUM I AM A BIG FAN FOR BOTH FORMAT AND I AM A VIDEOPHILICS AND AUDIOPHILE IN HIGH END EQUIPMENT,thank you for everything and i will continue to help whatever person is need my opinion.
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