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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
The was the 2nd Bluray edition I hope. I will go on my quick rant here for a 39gb disc it is a shame they couldn't use the extras 11gb and put on the extras from the ultimate edition dvd. Sony is getting better in this regard though, if only Fox would do the same.
Oh yea it was the re-release!
I was amazed at how bad the original Blu-Ray release sucked!!
I'd go into a B&M & they would have The 5th Element playing on the biggest HDTV in a prime spot & it looked like crap!
The 5th Element might not be an academy award type movie But it is a lot of fun & it has Milla Jovovich!
That was a reference DVD in Superbit & there was a big stink raised about getting it done right!
Whoever mastered that one screwed the pooch!!

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
A week ago when I was at BB buying my copy of the 3-disc BD set for the Resident Evil films, there were 3 other guys roaming the HD DVD/BD ailes... and picking up discs (I won't say which flavor, this isn't a format-war post, just an HDM post). We got into some conversations about the two formats, Warner, and HDTVs and it became clear in about 5 seconds that all three of these guys were 100% J6P folks... not esoteric videophile/technophile consumers. I was a bit surprised, but this same experience has played out a few times now on the floor of local BB brick and motor shops.

Why are they buying HDM? simple: they just had bought new flatscreen 1080p HDTVs and now they want something that really shows it off.
I get that a lot too, while I buy most of my movies at Amazon I check out the Blu-Rays when ever I'm in a B&M just to see if there are any deals & there is always someone there who just bought a HDTV or has a PS3 in their cart.

The Resident Evil movies get a lot of flack from the academy awards types too, but hey, it has Milla Jovovich & Zombies!! Who could ask for anything more!!
I hope there is a Resident Evil 4, I want to see an army of Alice's storming Japan to kick some Umbrella Corp ass!!
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