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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

david "whatever you call" let me tell you something about hd dvd,first you tell the capacity of disc hd dvd is 45gb,the actual capacity is 30gb [15gb one side or both 30gb] the blu ray has [25gb side one or 50gb both side] and the asoc you tell is aproved that's correct but,let me ask the question for you, WY THE HD DVD HAS SO LITTLE COUNT'S OF TITLES COMPARATIVE TO BLU RAY? ,AND WHY IN THE WORLD WARNER BROS SIGH THE CONTRACT EXCLUSIVITY TO BLU RAY? HEY HEY..... i know what,hd dvd desesperatily try to modifiyng hd dvd machine to format a 1440p but nobody has hd dvd televisions and no movies availabable and the frames per second is 24fs is availavable only in blu ray,let tell you the advice for you,READ FIRST AND EXPERIMENTING WITH BOTH MACHINES AND WATCH AND HEAR THE DIFERENCE IN BOTH FORMAT WILL YOU.
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