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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Statically significant research has validated that the over 95% of listeners cannot hear the difference between between 384 mHz MP3 downloads and the the 1.444 mHz native bit rate of CD's.
And if you took 20 seconds and explained to them the differences in sound quality between the two and what to look for, they'd hear the differences 100% of the time in double blind A/B listening.

Tests that show folks "can't hear" are only demonstrating that folks *don't evaluate* sound quality as it's not part of their normal objective-set in every day life. Even my mother who was no audiophile could hear the most subtle of differences once they were pointed out to her and she understood what to listen for.

As I keep saying, like a broken record, the issue is NOT HD-DVD vs. Blue-Ray formats - The issue is how soon 720p VOD and iTV downloads will make these physical media obsolete.
Then that's a consumer like many consumers already who's interested in convenience over quality. We've had consumers like that for the past 10 years and it hasn't stopped DVD from offering qualtiy-based features like progressive-scan and anamorphic encoding.

As displays get larger and cheaper it won't be long before Susie has no problem seeing the difference between a well compressed HD signal and an overcompressed one. Whether that matters enough to weigh the difference between downloading and disc rental is another matter.

But there will always be collectors. Just as with DVD now... even wtih on-demand cable (which is downloading in real time) we still have consumers who buy disc-based media.

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