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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

A week ago when I was at BB buying my copy of the 3-disc BD set for the Resident Evil films, there were 3 other guys roaming the HD DVD/BD ailes... and picking up discs (I won't say which flavor, this isn't a format-war post, just an HDM post). We got into some conversations about the two formats, Warner, and HDTVs and it became clear in about 5 seconds that all three of these guys were 100% J6P folks... not esoteric videophile/technophile consumers. I was a bit surprised, but this same experience has played out a few times now on the floor of local BB brick and motor shops.

Why are they buying HDM? simple: they just had bought new flatscreen 1080p HDTVs and now they want something that really shows it off.
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