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Default Re: Not everyone wants to settle for less

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Oh & no my next job won't have anything to do with asking if they "want fries with that", when I retire from my current job the question I'll be asking people is "How fast do you want to go"!

So until I have a internet connection that can download a movie in 30 minutes in 1080p with lossless audio & the extras we've come to expect & I have a multi Terabyte hard drive to keep them on I'll keep deluding myself & buy my movies on Blu-Ray.
That's just my opinion, I guess time will tell who is right.
Right on Moose! I want to go really fast!

I soooooo agree with AR on this one, and have been saying the same thing since the start of this 'war'. The bandwidth is already doable, it's just not reached a realistic price. Think Internet2, this would do it for us all, and with the continual drop in HD pricing, it's only a matter of time before we are no longer needing hard media.
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