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Default Re: NuForce: a new player in the high end market

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
You must be rocking your music space. As Klipschs do not need much power to play loud, you must reach some decent levels of sound. Good for you.
The K-horns do a great job in their passband, but I want to build a sub that is as efficient in the octave below to match them, and do something to extend the high end as well. I estimate the sub portion of the project will require a pair of 15 inch drivers and a folded horn enclosure that is about 4 ft tall by 4 foot deep and eight feet long. It is probably large enough to install a K-Horn mid/high range driver set , and possibly a 15 inch direct fire woofer into, and work double duty as a passible center channel if I cannot find a suitable Belle. (This will be a project to try for fun)

The rears currently in my system are copies of Dunlavy Black Knights - A horrible mismatch. These cannot keep up (They'e inaudible when driven 1 to 1 with the K-horns, so they need 10-12 dB boost) The dam$ed Dynaudio drivers destroy themselves due to foam surround literally turning to dust with age, and that's accelerated when they are trying their hardest to move as much air as K-Horns. I also believe the 1 inch Dynaudio D21/AF tweeters in these towers are improperly crossed over (too much low frequency energy applied in an attempt to balance 2 12's and a 6) which causes them to incur failures with the voice coil leads or in the coils themselves.

I thought about modifying the enclosures to accept a pair of D21's to divide the load, and adjusting the crossover design to either move the tweeter's point up a bit and/or cross it over faster, but I am so busy with other stuff that I don't see getting to that point. I am probably ending up just replacing the foam surrounds in all 4 woofers, and dropping a pair of D21-2's in them and then giving them to my brother to make room for what I really want. He'll never try to do what I was with them.
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