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Default Not everyone wants to settle for less

Ya know, there is a reason they make HDTV's bigger than 42" & with higher resolutions than 720p & there is a reason they make more than just $300 HTIB audio setups, it's because many people want the best picture & audio they can get.
Not everyone outfits their home theaters at Wal-Mart!

HDM doesn't need to drive SD-DVD out of the market, The DVD market is so huge there should be enough profit in 20% to 25% of the market for HDM to thrive & when there is one format with no confusion those people that don't want to settle for 720p will start buying players & movies.

Joe & Susie won't be downloading their movies from the internet either because if they "cannot see any difference between 720p and 1080p" on their 42" TV's you can bet they don't have a computer connection to it, I mean 40% of them are watching SD in stretch-o-vision & think they are watching HD! So yea there are a lot of people that won't care about HDM or HD downloads but we don't need all of them do we?

I know you think I should listen to you instead of believing my lying eyes but I can see a difference between upconverted SD-DVD's & Blu-Rays & I'm sure you think my ears are just imagining I can hear the difference between DTS & True HD but I can, & so can every person I've shown my system to.
I do a A/B showing of The 5th Element on DVD & Blu-Ray & people are amazed at the difference.
Oh & no my next job won't have anything to do with asking if they "want fries with that", when I retire from my current job the question I'll be asking people is "How fast do you want to go"!

So until I have a internet connection that can download a movie in 30 minutes in 1080p with lossless audio & the extras we've come to expect & I have a multi Terabyte hard drive to keep them on I'll keep deluding myself & buy my movies on Blu-Ray.
That's just my opinion, I guess time will tell who is right.

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