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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post

NPD's recent release of their studies show that 70% of HDTV owners have no plans of buying HDM at any time no matter who wins the format war.

That right there shows your POV is correct.

I'm NOT posting this because you agree with me.

I'm simply agreeing with what you are saying because it is consistent with all the proprietary research I've done for a few clients.

And I whilst I cannot reveal the exact number I've come up with (client confidentialty, etc.), I can tell you that your 70% is low.

What is amazing to me is the number of people in the hi-rez DVD industry who think there is actuallly money to be made from selling hi-rez DVD aluminum discs.

I show them the research data, but they refuse to believe it because they (or their bosses) are so personally invested in a particular hardware format. And they do not understand the competition from broadband VOD like Verison's FIOS, etc. I suspect some of them will use the word "fries" in their next job that actually pays them something.

Like I said, they are riding the Titanic to the Atlantic sea bottom, and they DO NOT want to hear this.
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