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Thumbs up KRELL at Sound by Singer

The name Krell only, sparks and gets your attention. Last night, I had the great opportunity to be in the presence of one of the most reknowned men of high end audio, Dan D`Agostino, Chief Engineer and Designer of Krell. The man`s knowledge of not only his product line, but the state of audio in general, is unrivaled. Present was his line of Evolution amplifiers, preamps, cd player and speakers. The big news was the introduction of the Krell 707 preamp/processor. Yes, for both 2 channel and home theater use. Dan, as he stated, really a 2 channel man at heart, decided to build a preamp/processor like his state of the art preamplifier. HDMI 1.3, support for Dolby and DTS HD, true 1080p, nothing has been sacrificed or left out. Current asking price: $40,000.

Then there was the KID (Krell Interface Dock) at $1500.00. Taping from the Wolfson DACs from the i-pod, and then building a class A device in Krell fashion, with other improvements, when listening to lossless files, the sound was impressive. As Dan stated, looking hopefully to tap into the 125 million people who have bought i-pods, as usual, Mr. D`Agostino is right on the forefront of what is going on.

Then, there were the Modulaire Two speaker system. Don`t let the size fool you. Room filling sound with clear and articulate bass when the program material called for it, clarity and detail for days, vocals sounding, light, airy, and full.

Ohh, and buy the way, the Evolution Series now comes in black. With the blue leds and lights, the black looks very sexy.

Comments and thoughts?
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