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Default Re: This Thread is No Longer Relevant!

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I for one have been a firm believer in the fact that all this talk about Hi-Res disc formats is nothing more than a speed bump before the inevitable happens. The inevitable is downloadable content and I for one can't wait. Hence my frustration over how enraged folks get over the argument of "my format is better than your format". If you like HD DVD or Blu-ray makes no difference to me. Good for you, enjoy away, for it's the best you can do right now, however, if you think either format is going to have quite the success and run that DVD or VHS did you're mistaken. I would imagine threads like this will be replaced in due time with "how dare they drop Blu-ray support after I just bought my player." But that's how this industry works I guess.
I firmly agree. We have absolutely no control as to what is going to happen next. The best thing to do is just let chips fall where they may. because, like usual, when they do, guess who will be picking them up??!!
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