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Default Re: How many DVD consumers purchase HD DVD by mistake?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Actually that's just the start of the discussion!
I believe there is a lot of interest by Joe & Susie 6 pack for HDM, they are just sitting on the sidelines waiting for a winner to the war.
I predict a huge jump when there is only 1 format of HDM on store shelves.

Do you REALLY think Joe and Susie are going to pay MORE for a hi-rez DVD when they CANNOT SEE THE DIFFERENCE on their 42" Wal-Mart LCD HDTV between the more-expensive hi-rez DVD and their existing collection of regular DVD's?

And let me clue you in: Joe and Susie already think because their $50 DVD player can upscale to 1080i or p, they actually believe they have a hi-rez DVD player. Do you ever go into a store and actually talk to shoppers like I do? I didn't think so.

Trust me, hi-rez discs aren't going to survive. I've got over 25 years in the CE business in one form or another, and only I only ever made one mistake: I bought 15,000 T-Rex "novelty" telephones to merchandise with the first Jurassic Park movie for the 150 stores I was buying for at the time, and we only sold 1/2 of them: I dumped the rest to off-shore vendors, but I at least broke even on my bad judgment on the T-Rex phone. So tell me about your CE industry background? Or are you just a CE "drugstore cowboy?"

You just don't get it: Joe and Susie ARE NOT going to pay more for a hi-rez DVD that looks no different to them than their regular DVD's.

And when you tell us there is going to be a "huge jump" in HDM discs, I say: Whatever you are drinking, I want some.
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