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Default Re: Fox and TNT HD Channels all stretched out!

On the Fox channel we watch Bones, the sit-com Back to You, and occasionally House. Oh, and NFL football games. They are all wide aspect, not stretched. The picture on Bones is a bit dark, i.e. we have to turn up the brightness on the TV a bit. Otherwise, their HD broadcasts look and sound pretty good.

As for the "stretched" picture on other shows and other channels, if you find it's unwatchable you can always exercise your option to turn it off - duh! I must admit that characters do look funny with one shoulder stretched all the way to the edge of the screen....

Seriously, though, television can be entertaining but, let's face it - it's mostly crap which is frequently interrupted by lots of crap commercials!

We signed up for NetFlix a year or so ago. Not only do they offer a zillion movies but they have lots of TV series on DVD without the commercials. The upshot of this is that we find ourselves watching less and less television.
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