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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

the issue is hd dvd has no sufficient titles on the market and the format is not comparable to bluray,however the hd dvd has a excellent sound format but is not capable to reproduced in 1080p,is 1080i but the capacity is narrow comparable to bluray,however i think the quality and versality to the disc is inferior comparable to blu ray i think the hddvd has too short time to recover to loosen because warner bros has sign to bluray,people this is a reality warner bros has a 70% of the market is dominated in titles and also hd dvd is cometing a mistake too bad to low prices the machine,my question is,the quality of the parts of this hd dvd machines is capable to comparable to quality parts to blu ray? the answers is ??????,however sony be hurry up to make a firmware to be capable to installed the playstation 3 to capable to decoded dolby truehd and dts hd master in bitsteam,if sony make this firmware the playstation 3 is the best machine for a price and i think the sony has a key to sucess this matter and i have both format in my home theater hd dvd and blu ray.
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