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When I worked at Sasafras in Bryn Mawr PA - I sold JL woofers along with alot of other top car audio stuff. Eclipse headunits, precision power, alpine, Boston pro, MB Quart.

JL was TOP performing stuff. Lots of margin and easy to sell.

We had an 18 inch woofer box and would put a quarter on it and fling it to the ceiling if we had the right IROQ driving client in the store. Most of the time it was the Jag or BMW crowd.

Their new home theater woofers are FAR FAR FAR more serious. The build quality can only be compared to the likes of Wilson, Revel, B&W etc... Really over engineered. Just the way we like it. VERY powerful.

I know my old boss, Joe Cali sells them into his big custom theaters. He has good ears and good taste in high end gear. He also sells T+A which is very Cello-like electronics. Way WAY under the radar stuff but super nice. German made. Far more popular there than here.
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